Add more convenience to your purchases with a Visa® Instant Cash & Check card. Although it looks like a credit card, it works just like a check. Purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account so it's faster, easier, and more convenient than actually writing a check.

It is accepted wherever Visa is accepted, worldwide! No need to carry a checkbook and multiple forms of identification. And you no longer have to wait for check approval. Plus, use it at one of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs!

  • Make purchases quickly and easily
  • Safer than using cash or checks
  • Transactions are debited directly from your checking account
  • Accepted anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Get cash from your account free at leading retailers and withdraw cash at any ATM
  • Easy recordkeeping with receipts for most transactions
  • Use it at one of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs
Verified by Visa

Keep your identity and card information safe and secure. Our Instant Cash & Check cards come with FREE Verified by Visa® service that ensures you're the only one who can use your card online. Just enroll your card and choose a password. Anytime you use your card to shop online, you'll be asked to enter your password before the transaction can be completed.

Find out more and register your card at Verified by Visa website.