Purchases are Simple and Secure

With the Quoin Financial Bank Visa® Check Card, you can enjoy the convenience and security of your money with 24/7 account monitoring. With real-time processing, your account is automatically updated whenever a transaction is processed. No matter how often your Visa Check Card is used, you’ll have the most up-to-date account information available.

The Visa® Check Card is safer and simpler than using cash or checks. Transactions are debited directly from your checking account. Use your card at one of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs.

Contactless Card allows you to make a payment with a simple, single tap anywhere you see the contactless symbol. Contactless means you don’t have to insert your card into the point-of-sale terminal and wait. Every transaction includes a unique code which helps protect against fraud and the information on your card is protected by unique keys.

Protect your debit card using your mobile device.

Download the Quoin Mobile App on your Apple or Android device.

  • Use your device to turn your Visa® Check Card on when you need it and off to protect it
  • Set transaction limits to control your spending
  • Restrict transactions or specify thresholds based on merchant type
  • Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted or declined transactions
  • Set real-time alerts for safeguarding your card
  • Set geographic restrictions where your card can be used

Digital Wallet

A Simple and Safe way to pay with your mobile device.

Your Digital Wallet turns your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch into a secure payment option.

  • Payment information is securely stored
  • Your phone, tablet, or watch communicates with the payment terminal
  • Paying with a digital wallet is actually safer than the card because your real number is never revealed
  • Your device’s security keeps your information locked away
  • Set up your Digital Wallet by adding your Visa Check Card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay

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Load your Digital Wallet today!

Digital Wallet Video